Mr Ball, Head of Sherwood School, loves a challenge and those of us who were here in December 2016 can still vividly recall his ballet performance to Sherwood School as part of the growth mindset challenge: “Power of Yet”.



“I decided to monitor this growth mindset in Sherwood School last year and am ready to take on another challenge this academic year.”  Said Mr Ball. “I recently led a Sherwood assembly on ‘The Power of Yet’. The main point of the assembly being that there are many things in life that we cannot do instantly but this does not mean we can never do them, just that we can’t do them…….YET!”

“I want to instill a resilience in Sherwood students, so that they start thinking:

“I’m not good at this……….YET!”

“I can’t do this……….YET!”

“This doesn’t work……….YET!”

“I don’t know the answer……….YET!”

In order to show students that I too need to overcome learning barriers, I offered to learn a new skill to showcase in assembly time before we break up for Christmas.”


The students went away and cast their votes in Mr Ball’s ballot box. The four most popular choices were shortlisted and Sherwood tutors had the final vote.

“I am pleased to announce that over the next 10 weeks I will be learning a gymnastic routine and performing it to Sherwood School in an end of term assembly. I am also looking to spruce this up by including some of the other suggestions!  So watch this space.” Said Mr Ball.


Looks like December 2018 will provide another unforgettable day in the life of Sherwood School!