Uniform Expectations – 16th June 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

As we embark on the final module of the academic year I would like to thank you for your efforts in supporting SCWA to maintain the highest expectations regarding uniform and personal presentation. This year we moved towards a system whereby infringements are followed up by detentions; although we still do experience students who may not always meet the standards, in large parts this system has proved effective in achieving the desired impact as stated below:

  • increase student independence and accountability
  • reduce the number of uniform infringements
  • record and monitor uniform infringements

In order to continue to reduce the number of sanctions issued for poor uniform or personal presentation standards, please remind your child to attend each and every day and be clear on the expectations:

  • top buttons on shirts must be done up
  • shirts need to be tucked in at all times
  • skirts are not to be rolled up
  • socks should not be pulled up beyond the knee
  • students must wear their blazer at all times unless directed otherwise

Additionally, in relation to personal presentation please discuss the following with your child:

  • no discernible make up, bright hair colouring or patterned extensions allowed
  • no eyeshadow or lipstick
  • no coloured nail varnish, false or acrylic nail extensions

Jewellery should not be worn or brought to school, with the exception of an optional wristwatch, one small ring and one pair of small stud earrings.

In situations where uniform infringements occur students will be issued with 20-minute detentions for individual infringements. In cases where we have multiple infringements across the course of the day or week, you will be invited in for a meeting to discuss the matter further. When a situation arises that means we cannot correct a uniform infringement, the student will study in the IWC until the situation is resolved. 

For more details of SCWA uniform expectations, please refer to our uniform guidance. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. 


Kind regards

Mr D Boothe | Vice Principal