Visible Woman

Student review: Ellie Owen

On Tuesday 8th March which was international Women’s day, we went to the visible Women Conference in Bethnal Green.

When we got there we listened to different women talk about how they didn’t know what they want to do when they were older.  After the talk we then went to all different stalls where we collected leaflets and talked about what all the different company’s did to help young women in their careers.  We also collected pens, bags and teddy bears which everyone loved.  Once we had finished looking around all the stalls we then went to another talk where we filled out a little bit of paper about what we wanted to do when we were older and what is stopping us from being able to get there.  The stall I found most interesting was the apprenticeships because it explained how the government helped young people go to university by helping pay part of the fund.  It was a fantastic day and I found it very inspiring to found out how different women got to where they are today.

Student review: Molly Mitchell

Yesterday we went to the “Visible Women Conference” in Bethnal Green, to talk about feminism and our careers in the future, and we also went to a workshop where we could walk around and talk to different people about different jobs, and what the job was all about, and they gave us booklets to teach us more.

I really enjoyed our trip yesterday as it was an interesting experience, and we got to learn about our career choices, and how women can do them too.

Student review: Rekiyat Akinbode

On Tuesday the 8th March 2016, I went on a trip with other classes to Visible Women.  We went in, sat down and listened to what the women were talking about.  Some of them in the audience asked questions and it was a main topic.  Shortly we had a break and went to go and look at the workshop and my favourite one was the young women’s trust and apprenticeships because Young Women’s trust were all about helping women if they have problems from age 16-30, and the apprenticeships had a lot of jobs and roles if you ever wanted to do an apprenticeship.  After that we went to have lunch and went into a small little room where 2 women introduced themselves and their careers and school lives.  One man did the same.  After all that, some of us went back to get more free things and we went home.  Overall, I had a very good day!

Student review: Tidiana Sequeira

On Tuesday the 8th March which was International Women’s Day, we went to the visible Women Conference day in Bethnal Green.  When we got there, we listened to different women talking about their careers.  One thing I found interesting was that most of them didn’t know what they wanted to be when they were older.  After that we went to different stalls and listened and learned about each of their roles and company.  One of the stalls I found interesting was the Lead Company.  I spoke to a lady there and she said she still goes to university and works at the same time.  Also I’ve learned that they pay the university for you.

Overall I thought that it was all interesting as I learned that lots of company’s pay for pupils to go to university while they work and earn quite a lot of money.  Also the government helps pay for it as well.  I loved all the free pens and notepads.