Welcome to Sherwood

Dear Parents and Carers

I am proud to be the Head of Sherwood School. We are a mixed ability school within Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy that provides an excellent all-round education in a friendly and supportive environment. Students benefit from a huge range of innovative and exciting opportunities. It is an exciting place to work and learn, providing a truly unique education experience for every student.

We aim to prepare students for the challenges they will face after school and enable them to acquire life skills, self-awareness and compassion. We want our students to not only make the most of their abilities, but also to become adults who can make a valuable contribution to society over the course of their adult lives. We celebrate each individual student and aim to ensure that they leave Sherwood School as confident young adults who have high self-esteem and are prepared for the next stage in their lives. Sherwood School staff are extraordinarily hard-working and go beyond the call of duty to help each student reach their full potential.

We are also proud of the pastoral care we provide for our students. We value them as individuals and do everything in our power to make their time here as happy as possible and to help t them cope with the ups and downs of different stages of life through to adulthood. We have very positive relationships with our students’ parents and believe very strongly that by working closely with them, we can support their children most effectively.

Our aim is for all our students to be successful at school and beyond, and to make a positive contribution to their community throughout their lives. Sherwood School has set the pursuit of excellence as its goal. As your Head of School, I will work unstintingly to ensure that we continually strive to meet that goal.

Mr Walker
Head of Sherwood School