Work Experience with a Difference

In a first for Arden a small group of students will conduct a Work Experience (WEX) placement with a difference during the February half term – a week working in Germany! With WEX options ranging from BMW to local schools this experience is not for the faint hearted. We conducted a 60 second interview with two of the prospective WEX placement students-Brendon Gilhooley and Kadejha Morgan.


Q. What interests you most about going to Germany for WEX?

Well, I wanted to go to Germany in the future, as an experience or trip. Then when, I got informed that it was possible for my WEX, I really couldn’t miss this opportunity. It’s really a chance of a lifetime experience and as well as getting what I wanted which is being able to teach also in every experience I want it to go super well and to have work out of my confidence zone as its will have a challenge for me which is like me.

Q. What do you hope to do for the WEX week?

Well for the area I wanted was to teach primary or secondary. This would work well for me as I was really trying to see how I would be like as before when I said it being out of my confidence zone which would maybe affect me and see how I would be like when teachers have to deal with problems like that every day but other than having to do it for their first time.

Q. What do you think the key challenges will be?

Seeing what they may like about me or trying to fit in and then see how I can work on this or trying to not make a fool out of me in the process. As well as not forgetting to see what I can learn from them as well as making a bond which may give me in sites to what they really could be like not what they are stereotyped.

Q. What do you hope to gain by doing a German rather than UK WEX?

Maybe a friendship or even a long term connection between my family and his/her family and as well as having more faith in myself as a potential teacher and to give me more confidences as a person which should help me in the future and as well my CV would be outstanding with teaching in another country.

60 Second Interview with Kadejha Morgan.

Q. What interests you most about going to Germany for WEX?

I was interested in the scheme because I love new experiences and meeting new people. Also, not only would it look great on my CV and university application but the exchange programme sounds like a lot of fun as well as learning practical skills for work in the future. I think that this is an opportunity that anyone would be crazy not to take advantage of, which is why I applied and I’m really looking forward to it.”