Year 10 Trip to The Museum of London

On Tuesday 8th November Year 10 enjoyed a history trip to the Museum of London.  John Warple, 10GLN reports:

“The trek there was vast! Upon arrival we made our way into the core learning centre and were allocated activities. We had a workshop including some drama on the different types of antisocial behaviour and compared this to 18th century behaviour.

Then, for me the best bit was actually handling historical artefacts. We were given 3 objects and one picture from a  different time period and had to decide what crimes had been committed with these objects. For example there was a medieval dagger that would have mainly been used as a multi-tool like a modern day Swiss army knife.

We then were then given the opportunity to roam around the vast galleries to see what different time periods looked like. Overall it was a great experience and I would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to have a good day out.”