Year 12 Upcoming Events & Important Information

Dear Year 12 Parents/Carers,

Whilst ‘thinking about the future’ has been embedded into the Sixth Form career programme throughout the academic year, the summer term is usually the key time for us to work with Year 12 students; guiding them on making solid choices about their Post-18 options and starting the associated application processes. Students have been introduced and have researched around potential pathways after Sixth Form. There are a vast variety of events occurring within the next term that continue to develop our students; this letter will give you an overview of what to expect and how we would like to involve parents.

Futures Day – Wednesday 29 March

We have organised a ‘Futures Day’ where we delve deep into the apprenticeships and university pathways, explore students’ intended pathways and the application processes involved. We have invited two key speakers, Anne Ashworth and Jane Marshall. Anne Ashworth is the Head of Employee Apprenticeship at Pearson PLC, the world’s leading learning company, and a Stationer, The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries. Jane Marshall has a wealth of experience from eighteen years employed by top universities, for example LSE and Imperial College London. She has been on the interview panel for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, across the full range of subject areas. Year 12 students will be expected to attend for the duration of the day from 8:30am to 2pm.

Mark Evison Foundation

This foundation promotes the personal development of young people through the undertaking of challenges. to create and plan projects which are personally challenging. Such projects develop confidence, strength, resilience and breadth, as applicants take independent ownership of something they are keen to do. Ambassadors of the foundation will present to Year 12 students in an Assembly and then return to school in the following weeks to work with the students who are interested in creating and completing a project outside of their comfort zone.

Greenwich Sexual Health Workshop – Thursday 25 May

A letter was sent to all parents in the Autumn term about Greenwich Sexual Health, an organisation who work with young people to provide education and resources to ensure young people are aware of safe practices and know where they can go to receive advice. The workshop on the 25 May is about Healthy Relationships and porn; the programme is age appropriate for the year group and there will be a teacher sitting in the session to supervise. If you DO NOT give consent for your child to attend any or all the workshops, please email me at with your child’s name and the workshop they will not be attending. If you have already emailed me, I have taken note of this.

Parent Information Evening – Tuesday 6 June, 5 to 6pm

The Sixth Form team are continually supporting students on Post-18 choices, but we are aware that parents may want more information and support in this area. We will be hosting a Post-18 option information evening for parents on Tuesday 6 June at 5pm. This Post-18 information evening will provide guidance on applying to university, student finance and the apprenticeship route. If you are interested in attending, please register by emailing me at stating your name, the student’s name and how many people will be attending. Please do this by Friday 19 May 2023.

UK University & Apprenticeship Fair – Friday 23 June

As part of our careers and guidance provision, all Year 12 students have been invited to attend an exciting opportunity at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Friday, 23 June 2023 to attend a University and Apprenticeship Fair. The day aims to provide impartial Post-18 guidance by offering your child the opportunity to interact with different universities (including Russell Group and Modern universities) and apprenticeship providers. A separate letter with details and a consent form will be sent out soon. This day is in between the end of year exam period; it is the only available date and an invaluable experience for your child. We will ensure no exams will take place on this day.

End of Year 12 Assessments – Wednesday 14 to Wednesday 28 June

During the assessment period your child will experience sitting several examinations over a relatively short period of time. We have intentionally structured the Year 12 end of year assessments in this way to give students the opportunity to get used to examination conditions so that by the time they sit their actual public examinations this time next year they will be accustomed to the processes and our expectations. Furthermore, the results from the assessments will give a very clear indication to students and teachers as to where your child is now. Based on this information we will identify topic areas within the curriculum that require further attention, as well as those areas where students are achieving well. This is why it is so important that all students approach these assessments with a positive and diligent attitude.

Assessments are events which elicit feelings of pressure in most people, therefore, feelings of pressure need to be viewed as a natural part of the process. Everyone experiences pressure from time to time; in fact, low levels of pressure can motivate students to study and perform well. We encourage our students to embrace this feeling as being normal and to look forward to taking their assessments which are fundamental to them improving; identifying the topic areas they are good at, and the areas they need to improve upon. If for any reason your child feels a bit overwhelmed during the period they should speak to their tutor in the first instance.

We expect our students to continue working really hard over these coming weeks, dedicating much longer periods of time at home to revise (we would advise two hours every day) so they can walk into their examinations feeling prepared and confident. It is also really important that they eat well and get a good night’s sleep every day! We have covered study and revision techniques in the PSHE programme and will continue to do so. If students feel they need more guidance on this, they should schedule an academic mentor meeting with their tutors. The timetable for the assessments will be shared with students and sent to parents and carers closer to the assessment window.

Progression Into Year 13

Year 12 is an important year to build the foundations required for success at A-level. Whilst attending lessons mean students receive the lessons from a subject specialist, students also become accustomed to the rigour of the A-levels, learn the best methods to revise and take in knowledge and understand exam techniques so they can independently practise for the exam. This holistic education means that students are able to access the harder aspects of the course. Therefore, attendance to lessons and passing the end of Year 12 assessments are crucial steps to ensure students reach their full potential at the end of Year 13. Any student who has been identified as being at risk of not progressing into Year 13, at this early stage, will be contacted and support measures will be put in place.

ApprenticeFutures – Wednesday 5 July

Annually we visit the ApprenticeFutures event at the Guildhall, London. This event is a fantastic opportunity for students to hear from organisations that offer different levels of apprenticeships in a variety of sectors. They will provide essential information about how to prepare for future careers and most importantly, students will be able to talk to current apprentices at the various stages. A separate letter with further details and a consent form will be sent out soon.

Work Experience – Monday 17 to Friday 21 July

As you may be aware, Year 12 pupils have been scheduled for a week of work experience between 17-21 July 2023. Students are expected to find their own placement for the week in the field that they are interested in for employment. It is an important part of their education; it enables them to understand the realities of employment and reflect on the careers they aspire towards. We expect all Year 12 students to be actively involved in this process. Students have been guided through tutor periods on how to obtain a placement, where to look and how to initiate conversations. We have encouraged students to ask family and friends first. The careers advisor, Anna Taylor, will send out more detailed guidance shortly.

Once they have found a placement they need to complete the forms on Unifrog. The deadline for this is Monday 8 May 2023. For students who are unable to find a placement, there will be an in-school curriculum provided by us and attendance will be compulsory.

Best Wishes,

Miss Z Zahoor
Head of Year 12