Year 7 students dream of spending £1m to benefit community

“If you had £1m what would you spend it on?”

When we first welcomed our new year 7 students on their induction day in the summer term, Associate Principal, Anita Croft set out her £1m challenge.  The students were asked to submit a piece of writing to Ms Croft when they returned in September.  From the many essays returned, it was difficult to select the ‘top three’ but finally a decision was made.

Hollie Smith wrote about how she would spend the money creating a care home for homeless people in London.

Caris Pyne who is obviously passionate about endangered species said she would make a difference to wildlife, helping to save Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, blue whales, snow leopards and polar bears.

Eleanor Rackstraw astounded the Associate Principal by not only writing an essay but also produced a detailed business plan setting our how the funds would be allocated.  With a £1m Eleanor would create a splash park within her local park, set up ‘learn to swim lessons’ at the local swimming pool, fund a Guiding weekend camp and establish a ‘Parks and Streets Maintenance Department’.

“All these students put forward incredibly selfless and thoughtful proposals showing great awareness of local and global issues” said Ms Croft.

Congratulations to Hollie, Caris and Eleanor who each received a letter of commendation and chocolate bar.