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Pupil Premium Summary 2015/16 – Gaps in progress are significantly closing for pupil premium pupils. At the end of Year 9 in 2016; 24% of students in Maths exceeded their expected grade compared with 27% for other students at the academy, 63% of disadvantaged students in maths either met of exceeded their expected grade compared with 72% for other students. For English; 36% of students exceeded their expected grade compared with 39% for other students at the academy,  74% of disadvantaged students in English either met of exceeded their expected grade compared with 76% for other students.

The GCSE results in 2016 show a significant narrowing of the gap between pupil premium and other students at the academy.

In 2016 63% of pupil premium pupils achieved A*- C including English and Maths this is above the national average for all pupils. The attainment gap between disadvantaged students and others at the academy reduced significantly from -27% in 2015 to -12% in 2016.

For disadvantaged students and others at the academy the difference in attainment across the best 8 subjects (Attainment 8) reduced from just over a grade on average (-1.04) to just over half a grade (-0.60). In 2016 the attainment gap in both English and maths closed significant compared to 2015. From 2014 the attainment for disadvantaged students at the academy has improved for the following indicators A*-C in English and Maths, A*-C in English, A*-C in Maths, proportion achieving EBACC standard.

The gap in the progress made between disadvantaged students and others at the academy has reduced from -0.3 in 2015 to -0.21 in 2016. The gap in progress across the EBACC suite of subjects reduced from -0.44 to -0.18.

Attendance – The attendance for the disadvantaged students in 2015-2016 was 93.9% in 2014-2015 the attendance for the group was 93.5% and 92.8% in 2013-2014. The national average for the group is 92.5%. We continue to work hard to improve attendance further but the two support officers in each school and an attendance officer in each has had a significant impact on improving attendance to school.

Exclusions –  The proportion of disadvantaged students excluded was 11.2% in 2016 compared to a national figure of 16.5%. The academy continues to work hard in order to reduce the number of exclusions for disadvantaged pupils through a range of strategies, work with external specialists and also through ongoing investment in the PSU,BEST and an on site exclusion centre.


Demonstrating Impact of Pupil Premium spending

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