Attendance & Absence Reporting

We are committed to ensuring that attendance policies, procedures and initiatives are rigorously implemented throughout the academic year. We have School Attendance Officers who contact parents/carers of students who are absent and Year Support Officers who work closely with students, parents/carers and staff in this area. We are committed to ensuring high levels of attendance for all and reward students across all year groups with excellent attendance.

The Academy complies with DfE guidance and does not grant any leave of absence during term time

What to do if your child cannot access on line learning due to illness or medical appointments.

If your child is unwell or has a medical appointment and will not be accessing their on line learning, please email Please provide as you normally would any medical evidence for their absences where possible.

What to do if your child is ill

  • Telephone the school immediately on 0208 850 7678. You must phone every day that your child is too ill to attend and follow it up with a letter upon your child’s return. Please provide evidence where possible, e.g. appointment cards, copies of medication/prescriptions, etc.
  • Wherever possible make any dentist/doctor/hospital appointments outside of school hours.
  • Do not keep your child away from school if there is an issue in school; contact the school to discuss the problem with a senior member of staff.
  • Do not keep your child away from school for unnecessary reasons, e.g. birthdays, holidays, relatives’ visits, shopping trips, your own ill health.
  • If your child has ongoing medical issues, please ensure that this is discussed with the school so we can best manage and support your child.

Senior Attendance Officer: Mrs Leigh Mackenzie –

School Attendance Officers:

Year 7 to 11 – Sian Roberts –

Post 16 –

For Information – Failure to ensure regular and punctual school attendance may result in the issuing of a penalty notice under Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 and/or prosecution under section 444 of the Education Act 1996.

Stationers’ Crown Woods Attendance Policy

Attendance Cohorts

Attendance is analysed daily. Every child is monitored and placed in one of five cohorts.

COHORT 1: 97%+ attendance – Outstanding

Absolutely superb! These pupils will have their names displayed on our weekly achievement PowerPoint that is shared with all tutor teams, their names displayed in tutor bases and on boards outside rooms.

COHORT 2: 95-96.9% attendance – Very Good

This is really good and should be maintained by pupils. These pupils will be verbally praised by their tutors and encouraged to maintain this excellent record.

COHORT 3: 93-94.9% attendance – Satisfactory

This is a key cohort. As soon as a student falls into this category the school will contact home to discuss reasons for absence.

COHORT 4: 90.1-92.9% attendance – Cause for Concern

This is a cause for concern as it shows that a pupil is starting to have some time off school which may impact on their achievement levels if it continues to be a problem. These pupils will be spoken with and monitored by their tutor until the next attendance analysis. Parents will also be required to attend a meeting with the school.

COHORT 5: Below 90% attendance – Poor

This is poor as it shows that a pupil has missed a vast amount of time at school which will seriously jeopardise their ability to achieve A*-C in their GCSEs if it does not improve. These pupils will be spoken with and monitored by The Head of School until the following attendance analysis. Letters will also be sent home, a meeting scheduled with parents and the pupil will be placed on report. A referral to the senior attendance officer for the Academy will be made and a penalty notice may be issued and/or legal proceedings instigated.