Vision and Values

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is driven by a powerful set of values and a vision which sets out our commitment to build strong relationships, deliver first class education and serve the needs of all our students.

Our Senior Leadership Team

  • Principal: Mr Joseph Sparks
  • Vice Principal/ Head of School: Anthony Farr
  • Assistant Principal/ Deputy Head of School: Joe Spark and Amandeep Kalote
  • School Support Managers: Lisa Ashley, Claire Hoff and Kate Barbary
  • Vice Principal/ Head of School: Steven Flower
  • Assistant Principal/ Deputy Head of School: Rich Hill and Jane Barrowcliff
  • School Support Managers: Eileen Norton and Tracy Hutchinson
  • Vice Principal/ Head of School: Stephen Smith
  • Assistant Principal/ Deputy Head of School: Argy Kalos and Hayder Khan
  • School Support Managers: Laura Shead and Jackie Lands
  • Vice Principal/ Head of Arden Sixth Form: Eve Collier
  • Assistant Principal/ Deputy Head of Arden: Antonio Duran and David Roche
  • Post-16 Support Officer: Catherine Francis
  • Senco DSP: Emma Bartlett
  • Senco Main Academy: Entela Dervishi
  • Deputy Senco Main Academy: Nyashia Blackburn
  • Admissions: Katie Andrews
  • Careers: Eve Collier
  • Data Manager & External Examinations: Pauline Daly
  • Finance: Anita Jenkins
  • HR: Julie Russell
  • School Nurse: Rani Nadra

Parents/Carers who would like to discuss any issue with regards to their child’s education should contact their Small School Administrator to arrange an appointment with the relevant member of staff. In the first instance, this would normally be the tutor, or for subject specific matters, your child’s subject teacher. To ensure we direct you to the right person to deal with your enquiry, please provide a brief outline of the matter you would like to discuss.

If you wish to communicate via email please use the format: