Academy Mission, Vision & Values

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is driven by a powerful set of values and a vision which sets out our commitment to build strong relationships, deliver first class education and serve the needs of all our students.

Our Vision

Our core vision is to be an exceptional  IB school in every sense of the word. To  provide a world class education for our students and empower them to become strong global leaders of tomorrow. At SCWA our students will develop their ambitions and the power of self- control and self-determination as they also recognise their broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.

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Our Values

  • Scholarship – Knowledgeable, Thinker, Principled, Inquirer 
  • Fellowship – Caring, Open-minded, Reflective
  • Leadership – Communicator, Balanced, Risk-taker

Social and Cultural Capital

At Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy we believe we have a responsibility to prepare students for life in the world and develop transferable skills beyond academic boundaries enabling all students to become successful and reach their potential.

Through our Social and Cultural Capital project we have developed a list of attributes and behaviours based on our Academy values, which we believe are important to students’ holistic educational experience.

Our aim is to:

  • Educate students about the importance of these attributes and behaviours.
  • Ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop these attributes and behaviours throughout their time at SCWA.
  • Incentivise students to engagement in activities that develop these attributes and behaviours.