Academy Mission, Vision & Values

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is driven by a powerful set of values and a vision which sets out our commitment to build strong relationships, deliver first class education and serve the needs of all our students.

Our Vision

Staff and Governors worked together to create a vision statement for the Academy which set out who we are and what we aspire to be. Students reviewed this statement during Wellbeing sessions and their feedback incorporated, as were the views of parents and carers, to ensure that all stakeholders of the Academy are aligned and ‘buy in’ to our Vision.

Our Values

  • Respect: We foster a culture of respect – we want all members of our Academy family to respect themselves, each other, our Academy, our Community,​ the environment and the value and power of education.
  • Inclusion:  Everyone here is part of our Academy Family. We celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each individual and by doing so add strength to our family. We work hard to overcome barriers to ensure that everyone feels safe, valued and included.
  • Family:  We are a Family. This is more than a School, we care about every one of our students, our staff and our responsibilities. We support each other, believe in​ forgiveness, fresh starts and leaving no one behind. We are interdependent and have the highest expectations of ourselves and each other.
  • Collaboration:  We are stronger when we work together. We are more than the sum of our parts.  ​Our successes come from working, learning and growing together. ​We are proud partners with our local schools, RBG, LAT and the Stationers’ Livery Company.​
  • Perseverance:  We won’t and don’t give up. We are resilient, determined and committed to the long haul. ​We ​know it won’t always be smooth or easy, but we are relentless in the pursuit to be the very best that we can be.

Social and Cultural Capital

At Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy we believe we have a responsibility to prepare students for life in the world and develop transferable skills beyond academic boundaries enabling all students to become successful and reach their potential.

Through our Social and Cultural Capital project we have developed a list of attributes and behaviours based on our Academy values, which we believe are important to students’ holistic educational experience.

Our aim is to:

  • Educate students about the importance of these attributes and behaviours.
  • Ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop these attributes and behaviours throughout their time at SCWA.
  • Incentivise students to engagement in activities that develop these attributes and behaviours.

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