Student Leadership 2022-2023

Our rationale

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy values student engagement and contribution.  We believe that our students can have a profound impact on both developing our aims and improving our provision.  We know that involvement in Student Leadership projects can improve learning and develop the skills and traits needed for success outside of the classroom but in addition to this it encourages young people to think about others by considering how best to serve the community that they are a part of. 

Our Student Leadership provision therefore aims to enable young people to realise their potential whilst building on necessary skills, confidence and motivation to allow students to engage directly in the wider improvement of the school.  The programme aims to encourage deeper student engagement and empower the partnership between students and staff; building a sense of community and trust in the school.  SCWA is committed to giving students the opportunity to participate actively in academy life and as such offers a range of leadership opportunities.  

The Student Leadership programme provides students across KS3-KS5 the opportunity to positively impact the school community and develop their holistic skill set.   In a tiered approach to leadership responsibilities, students are encouraged to undertake roles that afford them the opportunity to:

  • Communicate effectively with a range of different stakeholders via assemblies, speaking at key events, contribution to the newsletter and meeting with the Principal and Governors
  • Identify key areas requiring change within the Academy and to formulate plans on how to achieve the desired outcome
  • Engage with the wider school and local community through fundraisers and voluntary work
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Whole Academy Leadership Structure

A chart showing the student leader structure

In the words of our student leaders

SCWA Student Leadership President and Vice President

Within our community we support one another and inspire one another. We are future leaders and it’s our duty to be positive role models in everything that we do

SCWA Senior Leadership Team

At our academy, we are developed and trained to become effective leaders. We want everyone to have the opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills.

SCWA Head Boy/Girl Team

As members of the Headteacher Ambassadors team, we understand our role is more than a title as Head boy/girl or Year 11 Prefect. We take pride in our roles and appreciate the soft skills we have developed along the way, making us more confident and ready for the future.

SCWA School Council Team

Our roles are exciting and the things we are able to have an opinion on are incredible, from raising awareness on things that matter to us to the appreciation we are shown by staff and our peers on some of the great changes we have made.

SCWA Powerful Young Voices Team

At our academy our voices matter. Our Powerful Young Voices Committee is a strength to our academy and really ensures we work more closely together and support each other like a family.