Summer 2022 SCWA Exams timetable

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to get to the Academy?

Morning examinations start at 9:00 am prompt. Afternoon examinations start at 13:15pm prompt. You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your examination.

What should I bring?

Your equipment in a clear pencil case – Black pen, HB pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener and highlighter. A calculator if required but no lids, maths set (protractor, compass etc) if required

You may bring a bottle of water in a clear bottle with no label.

What should I NOT bring?
  • Mobile phone, watch, Ipad, Ipod, MP3 player or any other data or communication device
  • Food, unless you have a medical need, in which case please speak to the examinations office prior to your examinations.
  • No revision notes etc – nothing in your blazer pockets
What if I am ill?
  • If at all possible you should attend the examination
  • If you are unable to attend due to serious illness, you must inform attendance in the usual way and ring the main reception after 8:15am and tell them you were due to sit an examination.
  • If you are absent due to serious illness you must provide a doctor’s letter, which needs to be given to the Examinations Office within 5 days of the exam missed. The examination board will request this.
What if I am late?
  • Do not panic!
  • Phone main reception on 0208 850 – 7678 to explain and give an expected time of arrival.
Can I leave early if I have finished?

No. Students leaving early can cause an unnecessary disturbance that is unfair to others in the exam.

Please note, afternoon examinations may finish after the end of the school day. Students may need to make alternative arrangements to get home if they normally use the school buses.

All students must read and understand the JCQ regulations for examination. Please review documents in the JCQ regulations section of the website.  Any breach of these regulations is malpractice which will be reported to the relevant awarding body.

SCWA Examination codes

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