SCWA Latest News | Module 6 – End of Term Updates

Dear SCWA Community,

It has been a week of endings and beginnings, celebration and recognition, and looking forward to the future with optimism and anticipation.

The excitement is palpable as we approach the results days for our Year 11 and Year 13 students. We understand the gravity of this period, and we have shared detailed guidance and information with parents, carers, and students. Best of luck to everyone receiving their results; we are immensely proud of your perseverance and resilience.

This week also saw us bid farewell to longstanding members of our Academy who have truly embodied our values of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. Their contributions to SCWA will leave a lasting legacy. In turn, we look forward to welcoming our new colleagues in September, who will undoubtedly bring fresh perspectives, energy and leadership to our institution.

Speaking of recognition, our very own Mr Sandhu received the Highly Commendable Secondary Teacher of the Year Award at the Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) awards. This award reflects Mr Sandhu’s dedication, commitment, and exceptional teaching abilities.

As we look forward to September 2023, I would also like to provide some important information and updates: 

Timings of the School Day: We have made some alterations to the school day timings to ensure a more efficient learning environment. We have streamlined our schedule, placing a single tutor period after the second period to ensure a prompt start to the day’s learning. In response to feedback from parents, carers, and students, we have introduced transition times between lessons to allow pupils adequate time to move between classes, ensuring a punctual start to each lesson. We will continue to operate split breaks/lunch, with both intervals being slightly extended for the comfort and well-being of our students. The updated timetable can be found on our website for your convenience.

Behaviour for Learning: In our ongoing effort to maintain a productive and respectful learning environment, we have made some amendments to our Behaviour for Learning policy, which will be published in August. The aim of these changes is to reduce ambiguity and ensure clarity and consistency for pupils and parents/carers alike.

Notably, starting in September, pupils will no longer be allowed to wear makeup across all year groups. We recognise that the previous terminology of ‘subtle makeup’ created ambiguity, and in our endeavour to maintain a consistent and clear policy. Moreover, jewellery will not be permitted for pupils in Years 7-11, including small studded earrings and nose piercings of any kind, with the exception of non-smart wristwatches. This step has been taken in consideration of health and safety, as reducing jewellery minimises the risk of accidents and also improves consistency across the school.

In addition to the changes above, we would like to remind everyone of our policy on mobile phones. We continue to operate a no-mobile phone environment. While students are permitted to bring their devices to school, they must be switched off and placed in their bags at all times. Any student found in possession of a mobile phone will have their device confiscated. Following feedback from pupils and parents/carers, we have decided to return mobile phones on the same day; however, they will need to be collected by a parent/carer.

Reporting & Rewarding Pupils: I am delighted to announce some significant changes in our approach to reporting and rewarding pupils. So far, parents and carers have received two reports per academic year. However, starting in September, we will issue one report per module, which means you will receive six reports yearly. This change will keep you updated more frequently and give us more opportunities to recognise, acknowledge, and reward our students in every module.

We firmly believe that achievements, no matter how big or small, deserve to be celebrated, and our updated reporting approach allows us to do just that. We want to shine a spotlight on those students who consistently achieve well, embody our values, do the right thing, and actively participate in extra-curricular clubs and activities. This change is an exciting development, and we look forward to seeing its positive impact on our students’ motivation, morale, and overall academic success.

More detailed information on these new reports will be published in September, providing a comprehensive understanding of our new approach. 

As we conclude an incredible and unique academic year, we want to express our deepest gratitude to our parents and carers for their unwavering support. The coming academic year presents a new set of opportunities, and we are excited to continue our journey, knowing such a strong community supports us. We hope you look forward to these updates and changes with an open mind and understanding of their benefits in promoting the best learning environment for our students.

As we all look forward to a well-deserved summer break, we want to wish all our families a wonderful and restful summer. We hope you take this time to relax, rejuvenate, and spend quality time with your loved ones. We look forward to welcoming you back in September, refreshed and ready for the new academic year.

Best wishes,
Joseph Sparks |
Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Year 11 & Year 13 Results Days – Important Information

This week, we have reached out to the parents and carers of our Year 11 and Year 13 students with detailed information about the upcoming results days in August. This is a crucial time for our students, and we aim to provide all the necessary support and guidance for a smooth experience.

For easy access, we have provided online copies of the letters. The letter for Year 11 students can be found here, and the letter for Year 13 students can be found here. These letters outline the specifics of each results day and provide some key guidance for students and their families.

In addition to our letters, Dr Jo Saxton, Chief Regulator of Ofqual, has written a letter specifically aimed at Year 11 and Year 13 students who will receive their results this year. The letter gives valuable insight into the process behind the grading this year and provides reassurance to students about the fairness and accuracy of their results. You can find a link to this letter here.

We want to take this opportunity to wish all our students the best for their upcoming results days. We are incredibly proud of your hard work and resilience, particularly in a challenging academic year. Remember, support from the SCWA team is always available, so do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.

A Fond Farewell

As the academic year comes to a close, it’s time to bid farewell to a number of colleagues who are embarking on new adventures.

We value the dedication of our staff members who have made considerable contributions to Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy over the years. Their immense efforts have been instrumental in shaping the Academy’s identity. Special acknowledgement goes to the following members of staff, each dedicating a minimum of five years to our Academy: Toby Adams, Head of Computing; Sarah French, Head of Music; Sadie Green, Assistant Principal; Lisa Hopwood, Assistant SENDCo; Kat Long, Vice Principal; Odetunde Olayemi, Head of History; Stephen Smith, Assistant Principal; Charlotte Smith, English Teacher, and Zeenat Zahoot, Head of Year.

Each of these individuals has profoundly influenced our institution, and we extend our best wishes for their future endeavours.

Welcoming Our New Colleagues

As we bid farewell to several members of our team, we simultaneously welcome our new colleagues joining the Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy family. We are pleased to announce that our staffing for September is now complete. Here is the list of our new colleagues joining us in September:

  • Mustafa Akhter, Teacher of Mathematics
  • Eve Collier, Vice Principal (Head of School)
  • Linda Devereux, Personal Assistant
  • Steven Flower, Vice Principal (Head of School)
  • Richard Hill, Assistant Head of College
  • Nothea Harris, Teacher of Psychology
  • Adrian Juscikowski, Director of Learning for Individuals & Societies
  • Argy Kalogiannopoulos, Assistant Head of College
  • Ajay King, Teacher of Mathematics
  • Michele Mafrici, Teacher of Mathematics
  • Ahmed Mohamed, Teacher of Accountancy
  • Hannah Murphy, Head of Sociology & Head of Year
  • Kabir Najak, Teacher of Mathematics
  • Janelle Paquette, Lead Practitioner for English
  • Panicker Parvathy, Teacher of Computer Science
  • Andres Rivera, Teacher of MFL
  • David Roche, Assistant Head of College
  • Savanna Samms, Teacher of Social Science
  • Srijana Sitaula, Teacher of Science
  • Stuart Yeates, Director of Learning for Performing Arts
  • Louise Yeates, Teacher of Music

SCWA Teacher Scoops Top Prize at Leigh Academies Trust Awards

A Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy teacher has been awarded for his steadfast commitment, diligent hard work, and inspirational role in education. Dilip Sandhu, Business Studies Teacher, emerged as the winner of the ‘Highly Commendable Secondary Teacher of the Year’ award at the Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) awards held on Thursday, 13 July 2023. Mr Sandhu was nominated by his colleagues at SCWA, who showered him with words of admiration and gratitude: 

  • “Dilip, your teaching leaves me in awe – it’s among the finest I’ve witnessed. Simply put, it’s phenomenal.”
  • “Dilip, you consistently go the extra mile for our students.”
  • “Dilip, your lessons are simply exceptional – I could easily immerse myself in them all day.”
  • “Dilip, you provide enriching experiences for students beyond the classroom – and for that, we are grateful.”
  • “Thank you for always making time to support me and offer advice on teaching. Your unwavering support has made you a true friend.”

Once again, we congratulate Mr Sandhu for this well-deserved recognition and thank him for his service and dedication to our students.

A group photo of Naomi Francis, Dilip Dandhu and Joseph Sparks

Update from Cucina: The SCWA Restaurant 

We would like to share an update with you regarding the SCWA Restaurant service. Cucina, our dedicated catering service, has provided a letter outlining important details for the upcoming academic year.

We invite you to read Cucina’s letter here, where you will find comprehensive information about their service and our partnership. Alongside the letter, Cucina has also updated the 2023/24 academic year tariff list, which can be found here. This list contains detailed information about the pricing of the various meals and services offered by the SCWA Restaurant.

Year 12 Students Shine at Ravensbourne Live TV Production Workshop

On Friday, 14 July 2023, a group of our Year 12 Media and Film students were given the exciting opportunity to participate in a live television studio production workshop at Ravensbourne University.

Guided by Ravensbourne’s second and third-year students, our pupils learned about the roles and responsibilities of producing a live television broadcast. They were introduced to the student crew, given a tour of the control room, sound studio, and television studio, and even had the chance to try out the professional equipment.

After a series of warm-up exercises, the students were divided into two groups and trained on a full range of production roles. These roles encompassed gallery duties, such as producer, director and graphics, and in-studio roles, like camera operator and sound booth controller.

The Ravensbourne team commended our students for their professionalism and adaptability, expressing their admiration for how well our students engaged with their roles. Ms Heasman, speaking about the event, said, “We are immensely proud of our students who represented the Academy with dignity, pride, and excellence. They were outstanding ambassadors for SCWA, making the entire experience inspiring, creative, engaging and incredibly uplifting.”

SCWA Sports Day 2023: A Day of Outstanding Performances

SCWA Sports day students running 2023
Students celebrating SCWA Sports Day 2023
Team Ashdown (Staff) winning Sports Day 2023

The 2023 SCWA Sports Day was a resounding success, boasting a record number of students partaking in an array of events. Standout performances included a breathtaking 100m run and an impressive 5.20m long jump accomplished by a Year 9 student. Ashdown School came out on top in a hotly contested event, closely followed by Delamere and Sherwood.

Mr Kahn, reflecting on the day, said, “This year’s Sports Day was not only about the demonstration of physical capabilities but also a testament to our unity and team spirit at SCWA. Despite the unpredictable weather, the event had a record turnout, saw some truly exceptional performances, and was a grand success. I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the 2012 (PE) Team and congratulate all our students on their sportsmanship and outstanding performance.”

Maths Week London: Celebrating Our Photo Competition Winners

This week, our pupils at SCWA actively participated in an array of competitions and activities during Maths Week London, which illustrated the correlation between maths and their everyday experiences. As part of the festivities, we hosted a photo competition sponsored by the Book Machine Creative Design Agency. The competition challenged our students to capture and highlight the presence and beauty of maths in their surroundings.

Two outstanding entries emerged as winners. Ellis, a Year 7 student, delivered a brilliant photo capturing the interplay of forces on a bridge over the Thames. Evie, a Year 10 student, presented a captivating picture that traced the parabolic trajectory of a child on a swing. Both winners were awarded £20 Amazon vouchers, courtesy of Laura Summers, CEO of Book Machine. Reflecting on the event, Mr H Khan, Assistant Principal, commented, “Seeing how our students have captured the vibrant application of mathematical concepts in our world has been truly inspiring. Congratulations to both Ellis and Evie for their excellent hard work!”

Amazon voucher winners

Celebrating Creativity: The Annual Art & Design Showcase

On 14 July 2023, the Art, Photography, DT, and Textiles departments at SCWA proudly hosted their yearly exhibition, featuring various works crafted by our Year 11 and 13 students. The event was a resounding success, with students, staff, and parents attending to appreciate and discuss the diverse pieces produced throughout the two-year course.

The exhibition was a vibrant display of various art forms, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, costume design, 3D models, and prototypes. One highlight of the evening was an interactive art piece that delighted participants. The displayed works reflected multiple themes such as ‘Fragments’, ‘Juxtaposition’, and the examination theme ‘Locked’.

Vice Principal Mr Farr, who attended the event, shared his observations: “It was deeply fulfilling to see our students have their work displayed in a proper exhibition setting. Engaging in meaningful discussions about their creative journey with parents made the experience all the more rewarding. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to our Year 11 students from the William Morris team for their impressive and exceptional work!”

Art and Design Showcase

Celebrating Success: A Reflection on the 2022/23 Academic Year at SCWA

This week, our small schools held their ‘Celebration of Success’ assemblies, acknowledging students from every tutor group who have achieved the highest number of positive points and attendance. These accolades are not just about academic success but also recognise hard work, dedication, and resilience. Our pastoral teams and small school SLT have taken great pride in nominating these students, and we were delighted to reward them with over £500 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Vice Principal, Mr Farr, said: “We are thrilled to report an overall attendance rate of 92% and the accumulation of over 75,000 positive points since January – an absolutely incredible achievement which serves as a testament to the commitment and dedication of our students and the effectiveness of our learning environment.”

Principal, Mr Sparks, added, “These achievements are not only a testament to the hard work of our students but also to the vibrant and encouraging atmosphere we strive to maintain in our school. I am extremely proud of each and every one of our students for this extraordinary accomplishment. It is their dedication and commitment to learning that has made this possible. Seeing such high levels of engagement and perseverance truly makes all our efforts worthwhile. As we celebrate these achievements, let’s continue to foster this culture of excellence and look forward to achieving even greater heights in the coming year.”