SCWA Latest News Updates | Thursday, 28 March 2024

Photo of SCWA Building

Dear SCWA Community, 

We’ve had an incredible module at SCWA, filled with achievements worth celebrating. Here are some highlights:

  • Over 200 pupils visited The Stationers’ Hall, enriching their understanding of The Stationers’ Company, our academy’s sponsor.
  • SCWA students dazzled audiences with a stunning performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Greenwich Theatre.
  • Our Year 9 pupils started their KS4 options process with a live webinar on Monday, 18 March, exploring various available options. 
  • Our Year 11 and 13 pupils completed their second round of mock examinations and are now diligently preparing for their summer exams.
  • Our 25th annual dance production was a resounding success, involving over 500 pupils from local primary schools and attracting over 800 guests across two evenings.
  • SCWA achieved ‘Leading’ ratings across all areas in the latest Challenge Partners Review.

We extend our gratitude to our community for their unwavering support, which has been instrumental in making this module such a success. Looking ahead to module five, our Year 11 and 13 pupils are gearing up for their summer exams. More details about support available during the Easter holiday and the upcoming module can be found below. Please note that module five commences on Monday, 15 April 2024.

Best wishes,
Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Upcoming Events at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is excited to share a list of upcoming events that highlight the vibrant academic and extracurricular calendar of our school community. Here are the key dates:

  • Year 8 Parents’ Evening: Thursday, 25 April 2024, 16:00.
  • Year 7 Music Workshop: Friday, 3 May 2024, All Day.
  • Bank Holiday: Monday, 6 May 2024.
  • Year 13 Graduation: Friday, 24 May 2024.

Easter Revision Sessions for Year 11 and Year 13 Students

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is dedicated to supporting our Year 11 and Year 13 students in preparing for the upcoming GCSE and A-Level examinations. We will be hosting revision sessions during the Easter break to address knowledge gaps and ensure exam readiness.

We strongly encourage all Year 11 and Year 13 students to participate in these valuable sessions. To facilitate planning and participation, a timetable, including staffing and room details, has been provided below. These revision sessions represent an important opportunity for students to refine their understanding and skills before their exams.

Summer 2024 Exam Timetable

Below is a link to the complete examination timetable for Summer 2024. Examinations for Sixth Form (GCE) are highlighted in blue, while Year 11 (GCSE/Vocational) subjects are shown in white.

Summer 2024 Exam Timetable

Module 5 Interventions for Year 11 Pupils

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy will carry on with the subject intervention sessions for Year 11 pupils into Module 5. These sessions are scheduled during tutor time (08:30-09:00) and after school, designed to provide additional support in the lead-up to exams. Pupils involved in these interventions will receive their new timetables on Monday, 15 April 2024, during tutor time or assembly, outlining the subjects and times for their sessions. 

Module 5 Interventions for Year 13 Pupils

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy will continue offering subject intervention sessions for Year 13 students in Module 5. Teachers have selected students who would benefit most from additional support, and these students have been notified through Google Classroom and the Arden noticeboard. The continued interventions aim to address specific areas of need, ensuring all students are well-prepared for their upcoming exams.

Module 5 Interventions for Year 13 Pupils

SCWA Students Shine in LAT Art Competition

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy’s KS3 students participated in the Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) Art Competition, showcasing their creativity across various subjects and mediums. Notably, submissions from Year 8 and Year 9 students stood out for their exceptional quality and imagination. Ms Zagloba, Head of Art, commended the efforts and artistic talents of Zaral, Caroline, Gabrielle, Grace, Erin, and Maia, highlighting their dedication to their art. Their contributions were instrumental in SCWA securing the runners-up position in the KS3 category of the competition.

A student's artwork with a cow and butterflies
A student's artwork of a person
A student's artwork of a pomegranate
Student artwork of a person surrounded by colour
A student's artwork of a skull, pumpkin and two roses

Year 8 Parents’ Evening at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy invites Year 8 parents and carers to the Year 8 Parents’ Evening, scheduled for Thursday, 25 April 2024, from 16:00 to 19:00. This face-to-face event is an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s academic progress with their teachers.

The appointment booking system will be open from 12:00 on Thursday, 28 March 2024, until 12:00 on Wednesday, 24 April 2024. To ensure fair access, there is a maximum of 8 appointments per child. We advise parents and carers to book early to secure preferred meeting times. Appointments can be made through the academy’s designated booking site, with detailed instructions available here. For assistance or further information, please contact Ms Amandeep Kalote at