SCWA Latest News Updates | Friday 1st March 2024

Photo of SCWA Building

Dear SCWA Community, 

This week at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, we’ve seen our values of scholarship, fellowship, and leadership come to life through various initiatives. The launch of the Community Project for Year 9 students exemplifies our commitment to applying academic learning to real-world challenges.

Furthermore, I am delighted to announce our new Head Students and Prefects, whose selection reflects the outstanding leadership qualities within our student body. Their roles are crucial in driving our school’s values and culture forward. 

Finally, the Sixth Form visit to Stationers’ Hall and the successes of our sports teams have highlighted the broad range of opportunities and achievements our students enjoy, underpinning the holistic education we strive to provide.

Best wishes,
Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Empowering Communities: Service as Action at SCWA

In the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, Service as Action stands as a cornerstone, engaging students in meaningful activities that bridge their learning with real-world applications. This initiative not only aims to address local and global issues through proactive involvement but also nurtures the growth of our students into responsible global citizens committed to contributing positively to society.

Throughout this academic year, our students have embarked on a range of Service as Action projects, each designed to foster empathy, leadership, and a deepened understanding of societal interconnectedness. These projects include:

  • Year 7 Geography: Tasked with the challenge of allocating government funds to balance quality of life, future development, military needs, and the country’s overall prosperity, students stepped into the shoes of policy-makers. They crafted persuasive speeches, backed by Google Slide presentations, to argue their case in front of their peers, simulating the role of government representatives.
  • Year 8 History: Delving into the era of Richard the Lionheart, students explored the impact of the Church’s development in Medieval Britain on the nation’s enduring beliefs and cultural identity. This culminated in a debate reflecting on the contemporary discourse surrounding the relevance of statues and monuments in the UK, allowing students to critically engage with historical legacy and its implications today.
  • Year 7 Maths: Demonstrating the application of their knowledge in angles, Year 7 students designed and delivered a lesson for Year 6 pupils. This initiative required them to consider appropriate language and modelling techniques, ensuring their younger peers could easily grasp the concepts. This project highlighted the beauty of peer-to-peer learning and the profound impact of empathy and understanding in education.

Ms Barrowcliff, Assistant Principal, commented on the ongoing work: “Through these diverse Service as Action projects, SCWA students have not only applied their academic learning in practical contexts but have also embraced the values of service, leadership, and global citizenship.  Whether it’s debating the allocation of government funds in Geography, exploring the historical impacts of the Church in Britain for History, or simplifying complex maths concepts for younger peers, our students have made a tangible difference in their community and beyond. These initiatives underscore the profound impact of integrating empathy, understanding, and proactive involvement in our curriculum, truly embodying the essence of responsible global citizenship.”

Launching the Community Project: Empowering Year 9 Students at SCWA

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is excited to announce the commencement of the Community Project, a key element of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP). This student-led initiative embodies the spirit of service and inquiry, enabling Year 9 students to harness their academic learning for the betterment of our local community.

The Community Project challenges students to identify, plan, and execute a project with the aim of generating a positive impact within their local environment. It serves as a platform for students to apply the knowledge, skills, and concepts they’ve acquired across their subjects to tackle real-world challenges. This initiative is not just about making a difference; it’s about preparing our students with essential life skills. 

Starting next week, our Year 9 students will embark on this journey, dedicating sessions twice a week during tutor time to develop and implement their projects. This endeavour will span the entire duration of Module 5, offering students a structured timeline to bring their visionary projects to life.

Mr Duran, Assistant Principal, said: “The Community Project represents a significant step towards developing our students into thoughtful, informed, and proactive citizens. It reflects our commitment at SCWA to not only provide an education that excels academically but also one that fosters a deep connection to our community and the world at large. We look forward to witnessing the projects our Year 9 students will introduce, confident that their efforts will have an impact on the community.”

SCWA’s First Year 7 Parents’ Evening

On Thursday, 29 February 2024, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy welcomed the newest members of our community during the Year 7 Parents’ Evening. This event provided a valuable chance for parents and carers to meet with teachers, discuss their children’s academic achievements, and learn more about their progress at SCWA.

Ms Kalote, reflecting on the evening, shared, “We are delighted with the turnout and engagement from our most recent parents’ evening. Over 1,500 individual appointments were booked and attended, showcasing the strong community spirit and dedication to student success that defines our Academy.” We extend our thanks to all the parents and carers for their active participation and for making the evening a significant success. 

Enhancing Learning Through Knowledge Acquisition Booklets

Starting next week, on Monday, 4 March 2024, our students will complete their Knowledge Acquisition Assessments. This diagnostic evaluation, featuring 20 multiple-choice questions, aims to assess the depth of students’ understanding of the essential knowledge needed for their courses.

Following the assessments, we will release the next Knowledge Acquisition Booklet to students on Monday, 11 March. For Years 7, 8, and 9, our focus will shift to Ebacc subjects, streamlining the content by reducing the number of subjects students will study. Furthermore, we will intensify the use of SparxMaths and SparxReader tools, aiming to bolster students’ confidence in numeracy and literacy.

For Year 10 students, a new approach will be introduced with a subject-specific ‘Homework Booklet’, which consists of knowledge, application, and revision. This booklet will detail essential terminology and outline homework tasks, supporting students in mastering key concepts and skills necessary for their academic success. 

Celebrating Leadership: Introducing Our New Head Students and Prefects

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is proud to announce the selection of our new Head Students and Prefects, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering leadership and excellence within our school community. The selection process this year was notably competitive, highlighting the remarkable leadership qualities exhibited by all candidates.

We are delighted to introduce the elected Head Students and Prefects for each house:

Ashdown School

  • Head Student: Joseph
  • Prefects: Isabella and Cerys

Sherwood School

  • Head Student: Isobel
  • Prefects: Adrian and Mia-Hunie

Delamere School

  • Head Student: Caitlin
  • Prefects: Samuel, Ivan, and Isabel

Mr Duran, Assistant Principal, commented on the appointment of our new student leaders: “Congratulations to all the elected students! Your exemplary leadership, organisational, communication, and interpersonal skills have distinguished you among your peers. As Head Students and Prefects, you have a unique opportunity to lead by example, inspire your peers, and play a pivotal role in various school activities and initiatives. We look forward to seeing the positive impact you will make in your roles, driving forward the values and aspirations of our school community.”

Sixth Form Visit to Stationers’ Hall

Our Sixth Form students recently visited Stationers’ Hall in London, gaining insights into the history and evolution of the printing, publishing, and media industries. This visit offered them a unique perspective on the cultural heritage of London and the significant role of the Stationers’ Company, one of London’s oldest livery companies, in the development of communication and knowledge sharing.

Sixth Form Students at Stationers' Hall

During their exploration of the Hall’s architecture and artefacts, students learned about the historical impact of printing and publishing on society. They also discovered the professional opportunities and ethical considerations within these industries, alongside the importance of entrepreneurship.

This educational trip provided valuable knowledge on the preservation of cultural heritage and the ongoing influence of the printing, publishing, and media industries in shaping our world.

SCWA Weekly Sports Updates

The Year 7 Girls Football Team demonstrated exceptional talent and teamwork in their recent away match against Leigh Academy Blackheath. Despite a tentative start, the team quickly gained momentum, leading to a commanding 5-0 win. This victory secured their place in the final of the Blackheath Cup, where we wish them every success.

Looking ahead, the Year 8 and 9 Girls Football Teams are preparing for their semi-final match in the Blackheath Cup against Prendergast Ladywell this week. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to them, hopeful they will continue the winning streak set by the Year 7 girls.